I Sell Peace of Mind

I sell Fixed Annuities. Whether Immediate or Deferred, I sell only Fixed Annuities – No Variable Annuities. If you don’t know the difference, simply put, with a variable annuity YOU ASSUME THE RISK; with a fixed annuity, THE INSURANCE COMPANY TAKES ALL THE RISKS and gives you GUARANTEES. Isn’t that what Insurance is supposed to be? You pay them and they protect you.

Okay Tom, you sell FIXED ANNUITIES, why is that important to me?

One generation ago, in my Parent’s generation, retirees had a retirement party, left after their final day at work and retired with confidence. They had saved, they had planned, they had Social Security and more than likely they had a defined pension. Yes, they worked 25-30 years at the same job, and now their employer sends them a check every month in retirement.

Beginning in the 80’s and continuing today, Defined Contribution Plans, like 401k plans, have virtually replaced Defined Benefit Plans (pensions) instead of supplementing them. Unfortunately, very little education takes place about these plans and not everyone participates in them. In addition to being a tax-deferred way to save for retirement, these plans often offer a match by the employer (FREE MONEY) which will greatly boost your savings. If you were one of the ones who took advantage of that savings plan or maybe you’ve been contributing to you own IRA and you’ve accumulated enough to retire comfortably, you may be wondering, “what now?”

Do you want to chance your retirement on whether you have the good luck of retiring in a booming economy or the bad luck of retiring looking down the slope of a recession? Of course not, surely there is a better answer than HOPING all goes well in retirement.

My answer is simple, and so is the solution – MIND THE GAP. The gap is whatever amount of your retirement savings that you WILL NEED for income along with Social Security. If your Social Security is $2,500 per month and you need $4,500 a month to maintain your standard of living, then you have a $2,000 gap that you cannot afford to overlook. Fixed Annuities can solve that gap for you, and offer you the PEACE OF MIND you deserve in those best-is-yet-to-come years!

Call Senior Benefit Solutions at 1-800-385-4820 and ask us about Peace of Mind in retirement.

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